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Zoom Meeting Etiquette

Zoom Meeting Etiquette

Sacha Sanborn
Business Office Manager
The GRAND of Dublin

Zoom Meeting EtiquetteJoin the Meeting Early
You should join your meeting early to test your connection and audio.

Greet the Host
Greet your host as soon as you are on, so that they know you are there.

Eliminate Distractions
Turn off email notifications, put your cell phone on silent, put a sign on your door. If working from home put pets in another room.

Mute your Microphone
Make sure your microphone is muted, so that your background noise doesn’t distract others in the meeting. Make sure to unmute prior to speaking.

Look at the Camera when Speaking
Look at the camera when interacting and speaking, just like you would when speaking to someone in a person.

Remember You are Always on Camera
Remember to have a work appropriate background, sound and lighting

Always dress professional and or “dress casual”. If working from home, no pajamas or sweatpants. No eating or drinking, unless there is prior communication between team members stating is it acceptable.

Before the zoom meeting: host tips

  • Prepare agenda prior to the meeting.
  • Only invite those who need to participate.
  • Share any resources and or material.
  • Manage the room and address disruptive participants
  • Keep participants engaged.
  • Schedule breaks and feedback times.

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