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Valentine’s Day Messages

Send a Special Valentine’s Day Message to a Resident at The GRAND of Dublin

February and Valentine’s Day are about love, whether it be family, romantic, or platonic. As Valentine’s Day approaches, The GRAND would like to make it easy for you to send our residents a special message to let them know someone is thinking about them on this holiday of love.

For seniors who may feel isolated and lonely, it can be a difficult day. While many people think of the elderly at Thanksgiving and Christmas, Valentine’s Day might be overlooked as an opportunity to make a person’s day feel special. We would like to invite you to send a Valentine’s Day Message to your loved one or to our residents who may no longer have family.

Send a message to one of our residents letting them know someone is thinking about them by filling out the form below. If you do not a have a specific resident you want to reach, simply leave the Resident Name field blank.

The Valentine’s Day Message form is now closed. Thank you to everyone who sent messages to our residents.

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