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The Neighborhood of Shady Maple

The Neighborhood of Shady Maple

At THE GRAND Senior Living, the neighborhood of Shady Maple is available to persons needing long-term residential care.

The relaxing atmosphere of the Shady Maple neighborhood offers a level of comfort you will not find anywhere else. This intimate community offers private luxurious suites. For long-term care admissions we offer strength training and the hands-on professional nursing and rehabilitation you need to regain your health and maintain independence.

Our stroke recovery care provides treatment to help patients return to meaningful roles in life by relearning skills for everyday living.

Residents and families will enjoy spending time in the neighborhood of Shady Maple. Social services, counseling and discharge planning are always available, as well as a wide range of social activities. Our programs are designed to respect dignity and individuality, allowing every resident or patient to experience the best quality of life while maintaining or regaining function, health and well-being. Our concept of small neighborhoods allows a more intimate lifestyle. Each of THE GRAND neighborhoods has its own personal dining rooms, living rooms and parlor areas that include patios and all of the Main Street amenities. The neighborhoods are similar to the same ones we grew up in with neighbors, friends and people caring about each other.

Shady Maple is a remembrance of our past and an encouragement to our future.

Welcome to Shady Maple. We’d love to have you as our neighbor!

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