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Volunteer Life

By Sara Katula
Activities Director
The GRAND of Dublin

Volunteer Life at The Grand of Dublin

A volunteer is a vital part of the senior living community and have many advantages not only for the residents but for the volunteers themselves. Volunteering your time, talent, and skills can provide meaningful activities and programs for residents.

Volunteer JoeAt the Grand of Dublin, our volunteer coordinator sets up volunteers with activities and tasks that are beneficial to the volunteer and resident. The residents receive extra one on one attention as volunteers visit with them and do different activities. Volunteers can help with a wide array of activities including bingo, ice cream socials, crafts, meals, and musical performances. Religious services are very important to the majority of our residents. Columbus Vineyard Church volunteers their time and provides a non-denominational service once a month; St. Peter’s Catholic Church comes in monthly for Mass and Communion, and a Worship Praise Group that comes in monthly to perform on Main Street so all residents, staff, and visitors can either join a long or just listen. One of our dedicated volunteers, Joe Hudak who comes in at least once a week helps serve at our ice cream social every Wednesday and performs gospel Hymns in the chapel on Thursdays.

We have a variety of different volunteer programs offered including our Dublin Power plus program and our junior volunteer program. Our junior volunteer program consists of volunteers from Dublin and Olentangy City schools, and Bishop Watterson Catholic Schools. Our goal is to help encourage these junior volunteers to make this a long term commitment after their school program is completed.

Last year, The Grand of Dublin had over 1,000 events or activities ran by volunteers. Most of our residents develop relationships with these volunteers and look forward to their visits. Volunteering at senior living communities helps improve the life of residents, add to job experiences, and build friendships. If you are interested in volunteering at The Grand of Dublin please contact Tarah Boyer at

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What is a Pharmacy Technician?

By Andrea Hartley, CPhT
Pharmacy Technician / Central Supply Manager
The GRAND of Dublin

Pharmacy Technician

Hello, my name is Andrea and I am the pharmacy technician at The Grand.  Most skilled care & rehab facilities do not have a pharmacy technician; most facilities do not see a need for one.  I can tell you that I help many people during their stay here to understand their medication lists and get what they need, both here and when it’s time for discharge.

What to Expect

Pharmacy Technician If you stay with us at The Grand, I will likely visit you twice.  The first time will be a day or two after your admission.  I will come to your room and make sure that we have received all of your medications from our pharmacy, Omnicare.  At The Grand, all of your medications are stored in a locked cabinet in your private room, instead of in a cart with other patient’s medications.  I will also ask if your pain is being managed effectively; I want to make sure your pain medication (if applicable) is being administered when needed and that you know what you are taking and how often you may have it.

My second visit will likely be a day or two before your scheduled discharge. I will have a list of your medications in hand and we will discuss any changes our doctor has made and I will answer any questions you might have.  I will also confirm which prescriptions you need us to provide when you go home.

I also do work behind-the-scenes to make the Grand a better place to stay.  I suggest alternatives to high cost medications to help lower healthcare costs.  I assist the nurses with getting medications from the pharmacy.  I help maintain our emergency medication stock so we will be prepared when you need a medication that hasn’t arrived yet.  You won’t see me doing these things, but your stay will be better because I am here.

Stop in and see me in the pharmacy at The Grand, at the corner of Main Street and the entrance to the White Ash unit.