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Resident Rights in a Nursing Center

Social Services Series

Catherine Denlinger, DOSS, MSW, LSW
Director of Social Services
The GRAND of Dublin

Resident Rights in a Nursing Center

resident rightsIn 1987, the Federal Government enacted the Nursing Home Reform Act.  This law mandates that residents living in a long term care facility have the same basic rights of those residing in the community.  This law states that nursing centers “must provide services and activities to attain or maintain the highest practicable physical, mental, and psychosocial well-being of each resident in accordance with a written plan of care”.  This law stresses the importance of a resident’s dignity, comfort and self-determination.  There are currently 32 resident rights.  These rights can be found on numerous sites on the Web.   In this SSS (Social Services Series) we will be listing all of these rights.  At this time, we look at the first 5 resident rights.

  1. Residents have the right to a safe and clean living environment.
  2. Residents have the right to be free from physical, verbal, mental and emotional abuse and to be treated at all time with courtesy, respect and full recognition of dignity and individuality.
  3. Residents have the right to adequate and appropriate medical treatment, nursing care and to ancillary services.
  4. Residents have the right to have all reasonable requests and inquiries responded to promptly.
  5. Residents have the right to have their clothes and bed sheets changed as the need arises.

Here at The Grand of Dublin, our staff strives to provide the best possible quality of care to each and every resident.  We treat our residents with respect and promote their independence as well as focus on their comfort needs.  Our center provides a home-like environment so that residents can focus on their medical improvement.  We treat each resident in a holistic manner and provide the necessary services for their physical, mental and psychosocial well-being.

The list of resident rights that we will be listing over the next several SSS can be found at the following site: