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Utilizing The NeuroGym Sit-To Stand Trainer


by Jeanne Seliskar, MA, CCC/SLP
Director of Rehabilitation

The GRAND of Dublin

The Rehab Department at The Grand of Dublin recently acquired a new piece of equipment to actively assist the standing motion while supporting the knees, trunk and arms to promote early mobility.  The NeuroGym Sit-To Stand Trainer uses a counter-weight mechanism to provide a safe and effective way to strengthen weight=bearing muscles and increase standing stability/balance and endurance.  Unlike other equipment used to passively lift people to a standing position or maintain them in a standing position, the Sit-To-Stand Trainer enables an individual to actively initiate the motion of standing up, even with weak musculature.  Through continued training and gradually reducing the counter-weight, a patient can increase target muscle strength and relearn the sit to stand skill.

neurogymThe keys to improved mobility and function in our rehab population that may exhibit considerable de-condition along with co-morbidities such as Stroke, Parkinson’s Disease and /or Dementia, are:  1) Safely enabling mobility practice and 2) ensuring sufficient intensity of training.  Mobility is a key not only to improved function and quality of life, but it is a critical predictor of health in general.  The sciences of rehabilitation and kinesiology have evolved and we now understand that, with the proper support, individuals can maintain greater fitness and mobility.  Our equipment will facilitate recovery and allow our patients to progress more rapidly and completely toward real changes in functional mobility and consequently improved functional independence.  Quality of life is of great importance in the rehabilitation process and leads to individuals attaining their maximum potential during the recovery period.

The GRAND of Dublin is currently premiering the use of this equipment with amazing first use results.  The Rehabilitation Team at The GRAND is excited to use this new concept equipment to enhance the rehabilitation process and increase positive outcomes for their patients and residents.   For further information on how our Rehab Department can utilize the NeuroGym Sit-To Stand Trainer for you or a loved one, please contact the Rehab Department at 614-889-8585.