May 2018 Newsletter - THE GRAND

May 2018 Newsletter

Mother’s Day – May 13th 

Main Street Muffin’s with Moms @ 10:30am

Stop by Main Street outside the cafe to grab a complimentary muffin and coffee in honor of Mother’s Day and all of our beautiful Moms!

Flower of the Month – Lily of the Valley

Lily of the valley, the birth flower for the month of May, got its name from early Christian monks. It probably references a quote from the biblical Song of Solomon: “I am the rose of Sharon and the lily of the valley.” The flower’s Latin name, Convallaria majalis, means “valley” (Convallaria) and “the month of May” (majalis), which probably refers to where it thrives and when it blooms.

Employee of the Month

Nkendem Atenchong
Position: LPN
Length of Service:6 months

Reason they won: Nkendem is a wonderful, kind, and smart nurse. Does everything he can to help the residents. Is very caring.

Favorite Sports Team: Cleveland Cavaliers
Favorite food: African food
Hobbies/interests: Soccer, basketball, and spending time with family and friends
Family: Is married and has 3 boys!

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