July 2016 Newsletter - THE GRAND

July 2016 Newsletter

July is Anti-Boredom Month

Boredom tends to sneak up on us. It creeps in when we’re too busy to notice. We may sense it but try to ignore it or bat it away. Boredom can be a persistent little guy and has a way of escalating its effects on your psyche and your life before you know it.

The key to anti boredom is to have a schedule. By having a routine, the day goes by faster and can be made more meaningful. The GRAND we have a monthly activities calendar, some of which is the same every week, whereas other activities change monthly. From Morning Stretch to Music Entertainment, Crafts to Coffee& News, Card Club to Bingo and Sensory Group to Happy Hour, holiday happenings and cookouts, our activities cover a vast range of interests and needs for physical, intellectual, and social stimulation.

We want to invite all residents, family/friends, staff, and volunteers to attend our activities. Most activities are held in the activity center, outside, and in all the different areas around Main Street. Check the monthly calendar for the exact location of each activity. We are here to keep everyone involved with meaningful activities that everyone enjoys. If you have any suggestions for new activity ideas to add to our calendar, please let the activity staff know.

No matter what time of year, but especially when no schedule is set, make a schedule and stick to it. Attend the events you planned, and have in between activities to fill the time as well. In doing so, you’ll not only alleviate boredom, you’ll be bettering yourself all around.

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