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Executive Functions

Executive Functions

Jeanne R. Seliskar, MA, CCC-CLP
Corporate Director of Rehabilitation
Vrable Healthcare, Inc.

Executive FunctionsIf you have ever had a hospitalization, the whole process can make you feel “a little off”.  Most of us can fairly quickly return to our normal selves, but for many others something has changed with the ability to think clearly, concentrate or remember.  Speech Pathologists at The GRAND of Dublin have been focusing on helping patients with Executive Functioning skills.  These are skills which involve high level thinking, allowing individuals to function independently with all the specifics and decisions of daily living.  Executive functions include:  attention, concentration, memory, problem solving, sequencing, organizational skills and judgment.  These areas can be easily affected by multiple medical situations, such as strokes, head injuries, poor oxygen levels, chemical imbalances in the body or anesthesia.

At The GRAND on of the challenging ways, to improve these high level thinking skills is through multi-tasking and bilateral integration.  Patients are asked to complete exercises that combine cognitive-verbal and motoric tasks in alternating physical and verbal patterns while crossing over the midline of their bodies.  These tasks stimulate the brain to integrate movement and thoughts from both the left and right sides of the brain.  When this takes place, gains are made across the board in all executive function areas, impacting the improved ability to think insightfully, problem solve complex tasks, improve memory and concentration and make sound judgments.  These are the components necessary for an independent and safe return to the patient’s home environment.  That is the goal for patients and families in Rehab at The GRAND of Dublin, and addressed by our expert, experienced Speech Pathologists are trained in the specifics of remediating these impairments.

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