Daily Activities Enrich the Life of Nursing Home Residents

How Daily Activities Enrich the Life of Residents


by Sara Katula
Activities Director

The GRAND of Dublin

Daily Activities Enrich the Life of Residents

Activities Grand of DublinEngaging residents in daily activities beyond routine primary care is an important indicator of quality of life in nursing homes. Having “choice of activities” and “activities that amount to something” is important for improving a sense of independence and positive self-image in nursing home residents. Activities can provide a sense of purpose when residents produce something.  Use skills from former careers, or giving a feeling that they make a contribution to something that is important.  Activities Enrich the Life of Residents.

When they first move into a nursing home most residents feel that they have no one to talk. Group activities allow residents to socialize with other residents and staff members creating a sense of friendship, and community.


Activities Grand of DublinThe variety of programs available in any nursing home depends on the health and interests of the residents. The range of daily activities should meet the needs of all residents. Residents express positive affects much more during times of activity then when they are not involved.  Having an ongoing activity program that accommodates resident’s interests will enhance their well-being, and quality of life. A person’s quality of life is influenced by a number of factors. Providing social and mental stimulating activities in a nursing home can increase quality of life. Activities are important because the majority of nursing home residents no longer work. Residents no longer cook their own meals, clean, or complete chores they used to do on a daily basis. The planning and implementation of activities comes from requests by residents, families, staff, and volunteers.

At The GRAND of Dublin

Examples of activities offered at The Grand of Dublin include:

  • Monthly birthday parties
  • Celebrations of various holidays
  • Musical events
  • Games
  • Outdoor activities
  • Trips
  • Religious services
  • Coffee or cocktail hours
  • Art, and crafts

Overall, activities provide nursing home residents with structure, foster socialization with peers, and give purpose to their lives. If you are interested in volunteering with our Activities Department, please contact us at 614-389-0822.

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