COVID-19 Update March 17 - THE GRAND

COVID-19 Update March 17

March 17, 2020

Dear Families, Friends and Staff Members,

As the nation and the healthcare industry continue to deal with the unprecedented Covid-19 pandemic, I want to thank everyone for their patience while we deal with this national emergency.  I especially want to thank our staff members.   Long Term Care workers are a special group.  I have seen this firsthand as we deal with this difficult situation.   Our staff is leaving their own families at home to care for our residents and your loved ones.  Our staff continues to come to work while dealing with the uncertainty of day care, school closings and general uncertainty regarding this issue.


I feel it is important that we establish a method for increased communications between our residents, family members, community and medical professionals. To achieve this goal I want to establish lines of communication with all resident family members and friends.

A periodic / general informational email list is being established so you can receive updates concerning any federal, state, local Covid-19 updates as well as any updates from the facility.  If you wish to be a part of this distribution list, The GRAND of Dublin asks that you contact us to have your email added.

I would also direct you to our facility Facebook page.  We strive to keep this updated with pertinent information. The GRAND of Dublin’s Facebook page is located at or you can go to your Facebook page and search The GRAND of Dublin. The facility has set up their page to allow family and friends to leave messages directly for their loved ones.  If you wish to leave a message for one of our residents, you can do so at the following link and your message will be delivered to the resident.

The GRAND of Dublin is always taking steps to protect our residents and limit exposure.  While some steps have been unpopular, we only take these steps as mandated by the government and to protect those we all love. The GRAND of Dublin has been mandated by the Federal Government to restrict visitors from the facility with the exception of staff, medical professionals, emergency personnel, local/state/federal officials and family members of residents who are actively experiencing end of life symptoms.  We have also been advised to restrict group activities in the facility to ensure we are following social distancing recommendations given to us by the Centers for Disease Control.  The following activities or programs will be affected by this restriction:

  • Care Conferences
  • Therapy Activities
  • Leave of Absences by Residents
  • Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner in the dining room.
  • Routine Ancillary Physician appointments unless it is an emergency

For safety, the facility is monitoring daily temperatures and respiratory symptoms of all staff members, residents and visitors.  We remain in close contact with our medical doctors and have protocols in place for dealing with residents if they were to exhibit symptoms of the virus.  In preparation for this outbreak, we have made arrangements to order and obtain extra supplies to ensure our staff has what they need to complete their jobs. We continue to monitor our supply stock daily and react accordingly.  We are working in close coordination with our vendors and sister facilities to keep supplies adequately stocked.   At this point in time we have no shortages or outages.


Please keep in mind, we will not be able to address specific patient concerns in informational announcements, but will communicate any change in condition to a resident’s responsible party if the situation arises.  We recognize this is a very difficult time for everyone involved.   We will continue to work diligently with families to find alternate means of communication so our residents do not miss out on the important contact that occurs with family.  We will continue to monitor and react to recommendations and updates from local state and federal agencies regarding the Covid-19 outbreak.

On behalf of myself, The GRAND of Dublin and Vrable Health Care, I want to thank each of you for everything you are doing to ensure our residents are taken care of with as little interruption as possible.  Please reach out to the facility at 614-889-8585 with further specific questions.


Blu Johnson
The GRAND of Dublin

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