COVID-19 Update April 24 - THE GRAND

COVID-19 Update April 24

April 24, 2020

Dear Families, Friends and Staff Members,

I want to generally update you as to the status of our facility.  We are doing our best to limit any fear of the unknown.  Please keep in mind, specific patient information cannot be shared in a public setting like this.  If in doubt or concerned for your loved one, call us.  We are happy to discuss your loved one and update you with specifics.  Rest assured we are still contacting family and friends directly with pertinent information whether there is an episodic event or general information to keep you updated.

This Coronavirus pandemic has changed our county, our state and the world.  There is no script or decision tree as new situations arise.  As we all learn and adapt each day, two things must remain constant.  First, our loved ones will remain our focus and their safety and well-being our singular goal.  Second is communication.  That being said, I want to share the following update:

Safety Measures:

As you know, we are still following all directives and guidelines released by local public health departments, the Ohio Department of Health, the CDC and other governmental agencies.  We are tracking and reacting to these updates daily.

For the safety, we are still restricting visitors, and monitoring temperatures, oxygen levels, respiratory symptoms and vital signs multiple times per day.  We practice social distancing by limiting group activities and communal dining amongst other things.  As needed, staff wears appropriate masks and other protective wear and takes all precautions to limit exposure.

Community and Family Thanks:

The amount of support and offers of assistance from our families and the local community have been amazing in this time of need.  We have had family members and local businesses make and/or donate protective equipment for our residents and staff.  We have seen people change their own businesses and repurpose to help support healthcare in general.  While this pandemic has brought a lot of heartache and tribulations to families and business alike, it has also been heartwarming to see overwhelming support from our communities and families.

Communication Options:

To reiterate, it is and will remain vitally important for family and friends to stay in touch with our residents.  They need to feel the love and support of their friends and relatives. We encourage you to reach out to our residents.  The telephone is still a viable option.  Additionally, The GRAND’s Facebook is set so you can leave a message for our residents at

To schedule a Skype video or group phone call, please call the facility at (614) 889-8585 and ask for the activity department, social work or email for scheduling.

Please continue to stay in communication. The Grand of Dublin again wants to thank our staff for their continued dedication and compassion. We also want to thank our families and patients for their continued support.  We understand how hard this situation is on our staff, our family members and our loved ones.  Please continue to stay patient and stay safe.

We Are In This Together,

Blu Johnson

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