April 2016 Newsletter - THE GRAND

April 2016 Newsletter

Stress Awareness

In case you haven’t heard (you know, because of all the stress in your life) — April is National Stress Awareness Month.

A little bit of stress is good for us, in that it provides energy and keeps us aware of everything going on in our lives. But even though stress is a daily occurrence for all of us, it’s important to keep it in check. When left to its own devices, it can lead to or exacerbate a number of health problems, from heart disease, to acne, to obesity, to depression and anxiety.

  • Treat yourself. desserts made with fresh blueberries, strawberries, honey, and whole grains that make for a wonderful daily indulgence. Even chocolate has its health benefits when consumed in moderation.
  • Exercise. A good jog around the neighborhood or a workout session
  • Meditate. Simply taking time to collect your thoughts will often lead to increased energy and stamina to get you through a hectic, stressful day.
  • Get enough rest. Cells are regenerated and harmful invaders are destroyed while we sleep and leaves us feeling thoroughly de-stressed and rejuvenated.
  • Pet your dog. Science shows that the unconditional love pets exhibit helps us to naturally de-stress with powerful effects on lowering our blood pressure.

Above all, be aware of the people or events that habitually cause stress in your daily life. Just knowing the usual triggers may go a long way in helping to avoid them — so you can lead a more fulfilling, happier, and healthier life.


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